Auckland Unitary Plan

What is the Unitary Plan

The Unitary Plan is the new overall planning document for the Auckland region. It replaces the district plans of the eight old Auckland councils, and work started on it shortly after the super city was created in 2010.

It will be the rule book for all kinds of things including zoning, heritage protection, the metropolitan urban limit, the port, and protecting view shafts.

The Unitary Plan is the result of five years of work, 249 days of hearings and 1.5 million submission points.

It will be the blueprint for Auckland’s development, offering the definitive word on controversial topics such as whether the city should up-zone its central suburbs to allow for more intensive housing, or extend the urban limit.

It replaces the district plans of the eight legacy Auckland councils, removing inconsistencies and providing a global planning framework for the merged super city.

Why do we need it?

Auckland is growing at a rapid rate which the current demand for housing far exceeds the supply currently available to house the numbers of people choosing to make Auckland home.

It is said Auckland will need 400,000 more homes in the next 30 years according to the Independent Hearings Panel, which has produced the plan. This plan has been produced and is now in action to essentially create more land by changing the use and zonings of homes throughout Auckland in terms of what can be built on land. In most cases it greatly changes what you can do with your land and allows a greater intensity of dwellings per site.

There should be 22 per cent fewer city sections zoned for just a single house, and 25 per cent more zoned for higher density apartments and townhouses, the panel has said.

It has largely upheld the council’s vision of a compact urban centre that develops up rather than out.

It has recommended retaining the Rural Urban Boundary limiting expansion on the city fringes, but extending it by 30 per cent and changing the rules so that individual landowners can apply to shift it.

However it also allows for development in new towns and villages outside the Rural Urban Boundary, and for more land zoned Future Urban. It says 60-70 per cent of development should be within the metropolitan urban limits, and around town centers and transport hubs.

Understanding the Unitary plan

Getting your head around the Unitary Plan and what it means for you and your property can be a somewhat tricky task as there is a lot of details and information to take in and consider, as all properties are different, the Unitary Plan means different things for each property.

This information has been produced to help you get a rough understanding of the Auckland Unitary plan by explaining what the new zonings are and what kinds of development opportunities that means for each of those zonings.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the UP it is recommended you talk to your me about what can be done to your own property under the new UP and what that could mean for you in terms of the value of your home, now and in the future.

Zonings – A quick overview of the new zonings

There are many new zonings under the new Unitary Plan, there are 5 key zonings that will affect residential properties within the Central Auckland area.

These zonings are known as the following:

  • Large Lot Zone
  • Single House Zone
  • Mixed Housing Suburban Zone
  • Mixed Housing Urban Zone

Terrace Housing and Apartment Building Zone

What does it mean for me and my property?

To get a thorough overview of what this means for you and your property then it is best to contact one of our knowledgeable agents and they will be in touch with a full report on what zone your property is in and how it could affect the value of your property.

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