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Wondering about Brightline Tests?? – good information

ARE YOU THINKING OF SELLING AFTER A TWO YEAR PERIOD?  HERE IS A TIMELY REMINDER ABOUT THE BRIGHT-LINE RULES! Here are some important points around the Bright-Line Test that you need to be aware of: Currently 2 year period.  So, in general, if you buy a rental, sell...

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November Stats are out!

To find out about the sales in your area please click here, or go to my Stats page. If your Suburb is not highlighted let me know and I can organize some information for you.

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Don’t get too Excited.

Well, its been a busy few week's, the new C.V.s have been published and with them, I have had many discussion's with property owners about how the new CV's affect their property values. The reality of the new C.V's is that the market value of your property did not...

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