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“The herd mentality in the Auckland Property Market “

It is tempting to sit back and tell yourself that now is not the time, but have a little bit more foresight." When attempting to navigate the blurred and complex landscape of today’s property market, it is not uncommon to encounter the question, “Why would I want to...

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No Let up on Immigration, further pressure on Housing Stocks

Population growth from migration is continuing to break records, with the net migration gain hitting an all time high of 72,305 in the year to June. Net migration has grown explosively over the last four years, with the net gain in the June year increasing from just...

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Going, going, gone! Why I recommend auctions

When it comes to selling your house, we know getting the very best price with the least stress is your top priority. Auctions are often the best way to achieve this, as well as offering several other benefits for sellers too. Read on to find out why going under the...

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